PERA Reform in "bite-sized" pieces



You have heard by now that Colorado’s Public Employee Retirement Association is between 32 and 50 billion dollars underfunded.  The State Treasurer sits on the PERA board.  I am the only State Treasurer candidate who has done the homework and come up with a plan to save PERA. 

Because I love food, I call it the “ham and cheese” sandwich plan. I cut through the gristle and put it into “bite-sized” pieces.  Not too hard to swallow?  Does that whet your appetite?  (See what we did there?)

Watch this video that briefly explains my plan to save PERA while protecting retirees and taxpayers.

If you like my common sense approach to solving complex problems, I could use your help.  Our path to the primary ballot will be through the Republican State Assembly on April 14.  We are gearing up with orders for materials to put into the hands or onto the lapels of every one of the 4206 delegates.  We are following up our early January postcard to prospective delegates about my Experience, Leadership, and Service with additional phonebanking. Your investment of $25, $50 or $100 will help us secure the votes of the 1262  delegates we need to get on the primary ballot...and many more.  Please help us clear this first hurdle!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.