Happy Birthday, Marines!

November 10th is a special day for all Marines, because on that day we celebrate the founding of our Corps in 1775.   Marines around the world gather in tents, hangars, and messdecks to remember those we lost, the battles fought, and what it means to be a Marine.  Every ceremony recognizes the oldest and youngest Marines in the room to provide a physical and visual link from our honored past to the challenges of the present.  At one of the most memorable celebrations for me, a 92 year-old Iwo Jima vet shook hands with an 18 year-old Marine who just finished boot camp.  Honoring the past fortifies us for the challenges of the future.


So if you see any Marine on November 10, say “Happy Birthday, Marine!” 

And to my fellow Marines, “Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis!”

Yours in service,

Brett Barkey

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Ret.)


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