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As the candidate with the broadest economic experience (8 years at the US Treasury Department), strongest leadership record (a retired US Marine Corps Colonel and twice elected District Attorney) and longest tenure of public service (31 years) in the race for State Treasurer, I will be that essential economic policy partner for a Republican Governor.  Or, if the unthinkable happens, I will be a critical counterweight to a Democratic governor ready to impose economic plans that will take a bite out of your wallet on taxes, TABOR, or entitlements.

I am seeking the Republican nomination for State Treasurer through the State Assembly.  So I need your help as we head into precinct caucuses and county assemblies.  Would you be a delegate for me?  Please sign up today! 

Here is some information on the caucus process. 

If you cannot be a delegate, would you please read the this letter to your precinct on my behalf? 

Being a delegate is easy (though not cost free).  Bring as many Republican friends and neighbors to your precinct caucus at 7pm on Tuesday, March 6 and ask them to vote for you to be a delegate to your county and then the State Assembly on April 14.  Locate your precinct caucus here. 

It has been such a joy to meet so many of you and our fellow Republicans across Colorado over the past six months, and l look forward to participating with you in this year's county caucuses.  I have visited 42 counties so far and am well on my way to getting to all 64.

As you know, the caucus process places candidates on a level playing field, giving all of us a voice (not just those with the most money), and challenging us to tell our story and engage with active Republicans.  Having been in public service virtually my entire career, including 25 years in the Marine Corps and 3 tours in Iraq, means I do have a story to tell, and I look forward to sharing it with your help!

Sign up to be my delegate today!

Yours in service,


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