2018 Brett Barkey Caucus Letter


Dear Fellow Republicans,

I am Brett Barkey and I am running for State Treasurer.  I have the broadest economic experience, the strongest leadership record, and the longest tenure of public service of any candidate for State Treasurer.

In terms of economic experience:

  • I spent 8 years in the United States Treasury Department in an agency with jurisdiction over every American industry, company and individual.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Denver.
  • I have an advanced law degree in international trade and national security.

In terms of leadership:

  • I spent 25 years in the active and reserve Marine Corps.
  • I served 3 tours in Iraq.  
  • I retired as a Colonel in 2015.  
  • I am presently the District Attorney in Northwest Colorado, having been elected twice.  
  • I have been building and leadings teams my whole life -- from the hallways of the U.S. Treasury Department, to the battlefields of Iraq, to the courtrooms here in Colorado.

Turning to public service:

  • I began in service over 30 years ago, starting as a deputy district attorney in El Paso County in 1987.  
  • As a fourth generation Coloradan, my family has been of service to this state and its citizens since the 1860s.

There is a lot more about my record and experience on brettbarkey.com.  On that website you will also find my four part plan to save the Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA), which is between 32 and 50 billion dollars underfunded. The State Treasurer sits on the PERA board.  My plan will:

  • Protect benefits for present retirees,
  • Protect taxpayers, and
  • Ensure public employees have a competitive retirement benefit that Colorado can afford.

Experience, Leadership, Service.  I am Brett Barkey and I ask you for your vote for State Treasurer.

Yours in service,


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