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    Brett, thanks for coming to Akron for our Lincoln Day Dinner. We’re having our County Assembly in Akron on March 23rd at 7 p.m. in the County Event Center. Please join us again, if you have time!
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    I am reaching out to find the Campaign Directors information for Barkey for CO State Treasurer?

    Attached please find basic information about our effective political data mining and analysis and the ability to connect your name, voice and point of view with the right voters thru:

    A. Targeted Political Email

    B. Targeted Display Ads

    C. Facebook & Google AdWords

    I appreciate your consideration and information.
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    Quick Reminder:

    You are cordially invited to the

    San Luis Valley Republican Lincoln Dinner

    Thursday Evening, April 5, 2018

    Rio Grande Club & Resort

    0285 Rio Grande Club Trail, South Fork, Colorado 81154

    5:30 Social Time

    6:00pm Dinner

    $30.00 per person

    RSVP to Rue Snell, or (719) 850-0605
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    Where is the email or contact information for the campaign manager?
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    There are those who hail you as a champion of beneficial financial reform. Those in a position to enrich judges and attorneys are immune to prosecution. Will you call the City Council of Boulder and shame them into enforcing building codes for me? I want to move back home. Until I do I will continue to educate the public as I have, about those enriching judges and attorneys out of our Capitol. I promise to become lax as soon as you help me move back home.

    The full story here:
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    First off a head’s up. Your Lincoln article under news is misspelled. I m curious how I might be of a help and did Brett attend high school in Colorado? I am a freelance writer and if I can be of help let me know.
    commented on CONTACT 2018-03-05 06:31:10 -0700
    I wish I could be a delegate for you, however, I’ll be out of state/country most of April. I will be honored to read your letter at my caucus tomorrow night!
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    I am very lucky to find this ad. Because this is very helpful
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    I produce The Aaron Harber tv show. We are recording shows for the eleciton this month. Can you send me your media contact email so I can get the invitaiton to Brett?
    commented on CONTACT 2018-02-01 16:04:09 -0700
    I would like to invite you to the “Republican Treasurer’s Roundtable” on Wed., Feb. 21 from 7 to 9pm. This is being sponsored by the Adams County Republican Women, Reagan Club and the Adams County Republicans. I do not have a location as yet but will let you know ASAP. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. So far 3 candidates have confirmed and I am waiting on Justin Everett’s reply. Hope you can join us. Thank You!
    commented on CONTACT 2018-01-30 08:22:39 -0700
    Hi Brett, Let’s get together and I’ll buy you a drink or two! We can talk about the good ol’ days. Like the time you maliciously prosecuted a police officer because she was gay. I bet all your Christian friends love that story.. If I think of any other fun topics for your campaign I will let you know. I personally like all the perjury that you suborned as DA…
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    You are cordially invited to the

    San Luis Valley Republican Lincoln Dinner

    Thursday Evening, April 5, 2018

    Rio Grande Club & Resort

    0285 Rio Grande Club Trail, South Fork, Colorado 81154

    5:30 Social Time

    6:00pm Dinner

    $30.00 per person

    RSVP to Rue Snell, or (719) 850-0605

    PS If you are unable to attend, please send a representative from your campaign!
    commented on CONTACT 2018-01-20 15:04:05 -0700
    This is an initial “SAVE-THE-DATE” invite to a “Treasurer’s Round Table” being sponsored by the Adams County Republican Women and associate Adams County Republican organizations. The date is March 21/Wednesday evening, 7 to 9pm. The location is yet to be determined. But please join us – put on your calendar. My cell: 303-995-0866.

    PS, thank you for your postcards.
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    Are you a Republican or Democrat?
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    I am a huge fan of yours and history I love everything that has to do with history, as well as politics and campaigns. I am actually a future history teacher which I am very excited about. I was hoping that you could possibly send me a signed campaign sticker and button signed for my collection or a palm card and business cards. I would really appreciate it. I wish you the best of luck through the rest of the campaign trail!

    1134 Tamara ave s

    Salem Oregon 97306


    Jordan Miller
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    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-30 04:50:59 -0600
    Call or email me. You’re invited to our first Friday breakfast and our Lincoln dinner.

    Chairman viano.
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-26 10:33:49 -0600
    Good morning,

    I would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in a candidate forum for the office of State Treasurer. Sunrise Republican Women has 50 members and 50 associate members. Our meetings are informative and many attendees take notes. Invitations have gone out to the five candidates I know about, including you. Rep. Polly Lawrence and Justin Everett have confirmed.

    Who: Sunrise Republican Women

    Where: Colorado Technical University

    Bldg. 4425 N. Chestnut, 80907

    Just off I-25 and Garden of the Gods

    Time: 8:30 light breakfast

    9:00 Meeting

    9:15 or so candidate forum

    11:00 end of meeting if not earlier

    Date; Saturday, Nov 18

    There will be no more than 5 questions, printed out and on the table before you. Each candidate will have 4 minutes to introduce themselves, 2 minutes to respond to the question , and 3 minutes at the at the end. We do not allow video or audio recording and we set the tone to be issue focused, candidates speaking only about what they would do if elected to the office.

    We hope your schedule allows for you to participate. We fully understand if candidates have to leave right after the forum. Much of the meet and greet happens before the meeting. You are, of course, invited to stay and talk with folks after. Be sure to bring campaign literature.

    I am going out of town today, but will have my cell phone with me to talk and/or text.

    Warm regards,


    Sandra Bankes, PhD

    Program Chair, 1st Vice President

    Sunrise Republican Women

    (Home) 719-574-7190

    (Cell) 719-494-7476
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-23 07:25:42 -0600
    Thank you for the editorial concerning PERA in the Daily Sentinel. My wife receives a retirement from PERA so this is of interest to us as she wants to retire fully next year. PERA has no one to blame but themselves and by their own admittance those who “bought” years in order to retire in early are draining the system dry. Thanks again and good luck with your campaign.
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-22 12:48:15 -0600
    Brett -

    Bill Schroeder announced that you will be at the South Jeffco Republicans next month. That is my neck of the woods, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-17 09:14:44 -0600
    What are your solutions for PERA?  I see no details on your Facebook page, or your website.

    Thank you!

    Mark Hardy

    Colorado Springs
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-10 15:59:04 -0600
    commented on CONTACT 2017-10-09 17:52:29 -0600
    Hi Brett,

    It was nice to meet you this morninig at CRC. Good luck with your campaign, I’m thinking of voting in the Dem primary so I can vote against Kerr … don’t know if CO would be better or worse with him gone and in DCc. Somehow I got gerrymandered into CD-2,
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    Candidate Forum


    Ice Cream Social

    2:00pm – 4:30pm, Sunday, October 8

    Casey Jones Pavilion – 4189 Highway 86, Elizabeth

    • Republican Candidates for Governor and State Treasurer have been invited.

    • Conservative candidates for contested school board elections (Elizabeth C-1) are CONFIRMED.

    Prizes, apple cider, ice cream with all the toppings, bring the kids!!

    For questions, more information or to RSVP, contact Bob Lewis at (303) 809-9725 or at

    Sponsored by the Elbert County Republican Central Committee
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