Beware of Justin's False Attack Ads

Justin Everett’s PAC has purchased false attack ads against me on social media.  This reveals several things:  

  • They are acknowledging I am the front runner, after I have swept the last 3 straw polls in the state.

  • They apparently don’t have anything positive to offer about Justin.

  • In resorting to falsehoods and fear in how they run their campaign, they reveal how Justin would run the State Treasurer’s Office.  Having never led a government agency, Justin and his campaign have no idea how toxic that is to the cohesion of a team and how much it undermines the effectiveness of an organization.

Coloradans will not entrust their State Treasury to someone who peddles falsehood and fear.  They will entrust it to me, a prosecutor, a retired Marine Colonel who has proved his leadership in 3 Iraq tours and 8 years at the US Treasury Department.  

They will entrust the office to me because:

  • I have the clearest vision for the office as a center of service to local government treasurers;

  • I have an actual plan to save the Public Employee Retirement Association, PERA; and

  • I am the only veteran in the race.

Check out to find out the truth.

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    commented on Beware of Justin's False Attack Ads 2018-04-07 13:50:10 -0600
    I met Justin Everett on the campaign trial last year, and heard him at several forums. If you had told me one candidate was coming out w negative snarky ads, I would have guessed it would be him. I have never been impressed with him. As a state representative, he could never express why he was really running for this office. He seemed to be very immature in his campaign antics, as if his campaign was just a lark, and was just looking for a different job. I’ve also his his new attacks on Senator Lundberg, and Justin’s voting record in the House is NOT, in my opinion, any reflection upon his qualifications for, or sincere dedication to the Treasurer’s Office. The difference between Brett Barkley & Justin Everett is very obvious: maturity, experience, and the highest-level of integrity versus immaturity, flittery mush-headedness, and questionable ethics.